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The Islamic Academy Of Alabama graduated its first senior class in June, 2013.


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The Islamic Academy of Alabama was founded in 1996 for the purpose of providing an Islamic education to Muslim children in the greater Birmingham area. Our goal is to prepare each student for the competitive world of tomorrow through excellence in education and spiritual development. We strive to enhance the lives of the students through Islamic education. We encourage moral character and development of social compassion and awareness. Through the natural sciences and arts, students will realize a rich productive life and express their individual God-given talents in an Islamic manner. We strive to nurture the academic potential, personality and spiritual development within each child. Islam is integrated in every aspect of the curriculum program. Currently, IAA has 205 students with 22 full time and four part-time teachers, with a 1:20 teacher to student maximum ratio. The average class size is 15. Of the 26 teachers, 42 percent are of Arabic descent, 35 percent are of Caucasian descent, 23 percent are of African American descent. Seventy percent of the teachers have advanced degrees and all are highly qualified and/or certified in the state of Alabama. IAA’s curriculum exceeds the AL course of study requirements and includes the subjects of Islam and Arabic. Students currently rank above average on a national level. IAA School is accredited by SACS CASI (since 2005.)





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